Known for its stunning coastal cliffs, picturesque towns, and Mediterranean beauty, Khorfakkan offers similar coastal beauty with fjords, mountains, and a tranquil atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking outdoor activities, cultural experiences, or simply a day of relaxation by the sea, Khorfakkan provides a diverse range of attractions, making it a worthwhile destination for a day trip.

Going to Khorfakkan for a day is a great idea! Once you arrive, you can enjoy beautiful beaches and do fun things like swimming and kayaking in the warm water. There are also cool historical places to check out, like the Khorfakkan Amphitheatre and Al Adwani Tower. Nature lovers can visit Al Wurrayah Falls for a refreshing experience. A walk along the Khorfakkan Corniche lets you see the sea and mountains. Khorfakkan is a relaxed and family-friendly place, making it perfect for a day trip with a bit of everything – outdoor fun, history, and relaxation by the sea.

Khorfakkan DAY trip

To ensure a smooth and informative experience, we kindly request that you review this page thoroughly before contacting us. This comprehensive guide details all aspects of your Khorfakkan trip, including terms and conditions.  While we strive to assist with any inquiries you may have, please note that not all details can be covered over the phone due to their complexity.

Khorfakkan Day Trip


  • Wadi Shees Park (Additional 5 AED entry ticket)
  • Rafisah Dam (Kayaking available at an extra cost)
  • Khorfakkan Beach
  • Khorfakkan Corniche
  • Khorfakkan Waterfalls
  • Khorfakkan Amphitheater
  • Al-Suhub Rest House
  • Historical Village (If open)
  • Khorfakkan City Tour

Please Note: While all the mentioned spots are usually open, occasional closures for maintenance may occur unexpectedly.


What to Expect


  • Round Transport by 4×4 SUV CAR
  • Mentioned Destinations Sightseeing
  • Fuel, Parking and Salik Tax
  • Drinking Water


  • Attractions Tickets
  • Food
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusion
  • Tip

Note: No food is provided during Khorfakkan day tour. However, a restaurant will stop between 1:30 and 2:30 for individual purchases.



Common Point

Adult 130 per head and Child 75 between 3 to BELOW 10  years. Below 3 Free.


  • Burjuman
  • Al Qusais


  • Abu Shaghra Park

Custom Point Price

At least TWO PERSONS need for home transfer.

  • Deira, Bur Dubai, Downtown etc 15 AED per head EXTRA
  • Al Barsha, Al Quoz 20 AED per head EXTRA
  • Dubai Marina, JBR, JLT, Sport City 30 AED per head EXTRA
  • Ibn Battua, Jable Ali, Discovery Garden 45 AED per head EXTRA

For Sharjah custom pick up price contact us.

Note – Privet transport from Dubai availabel in 650 for upto 5 persons while from Abu dhabi is in 1250 AED.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices are on a shared basis.
  • Private transport is available upon request in 675 dh for Upto 5  persons from Dubai. (MAXIMUM 2 Pick up Points Allowed)
  • Suitable for all age groups. Children above 10 years charged as adults; below 3 years free.
  • 100% charge for no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours.
  • Rates subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to CANCEL for bad weather or insufficient guests.
  • Half payment required upfront to confirm booking.

Khorfakkan Tour Sightseeing

Our Khorfakkan tour promises an unforgettable experience, enriching you with its historical legacy, stunning natural landscapes, and captivating cultural tapestry. Following are places that we are going to visiting during this Khorfakkan day trip.

Wadi Shees Park

Strategically located in the heart of Khorfakkan, within the captivating embrace of the Hajar Mountains, Wadi Shees Park in Khorfakkan is a popular destination with a picturesque setting and diverse recreational activities. It offers well-maintained sports facilities, dedicated play areas, and well-manicured lawns. It also serves as an educational hub, providing insights into the local flora and fauna, as well as geological features.

Rafisah Dam

Originally built in the 1980s and upgraded since, Al Rafisah Dam is a picturesque site on the Sharjah-Korfakkan highway. It features a large, clear lake with boating facilities and a new visitor center and rest area. The tranquil waters are overlooked by the Hajar Mountains, making it a delightful setting for kayaking, hiking, or exploring the region’s historical and archaeological terrain. Enjoy your day trip to Al Rafisah Dam with us! 😊

Khorfakkan Beach

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, a refreshing swim, or a place to soak up the sun, Khorfakkan Beach offers a serene escape along the coast. Imagine a 3-kilometer crescent-shaped beach with soft, golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and the majestic Hajar Mountains as a backdrop. The combination of mountains, sea, and sky creates a truly breathtaking vista. Khorfakkan Beach is definitely worth considering.

Khorfakkan Corniche

While Khorfakkan Corniche is perfect for leisurely strolls, the Corniche offers more than just scenic walks. Visitors can enjoy picnics in designated areas, soak up the sun on the beach, or even rent bicycles for a fun way to explore the area. This peaceful spot is ideal for relaxation and reflection. If you’re traveling with kid’s, the Corniche offers plenty of opportunities for them to have fun such as playgrounds, open spaces to run around.

Khorfakkan Waterfalls

Situated 43 meters above sea level, stretches an impressive 45 meters in length and measures 11 meters across, Khorfakkan Waterfalls is a man-made, the waterfall was carved out of natural rock and cascades down next to an amphitheater. The falls are nestled amidst the rugged Hajar Mountains, creating a picturesque scene where water cascades down rocky cliffs. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing mist and stunning views.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater

Nestled on a raised hillock, the amphitheatre boasts a grand presence with its impressive scale. Step into history at Khorfakkan’s open-air amphitheatre, inspired by ancient arenas. Boasting 234 arches and 295 columns, the amphitheater’s can comfortably seat up to 3,600 individuals. Featured on the 10 dirham bill, it boasts stunning views & cool vibes. Enjoy concerts, plays & more under the stars! ✨

Al-Suhub Rest House

Escape the city noise! ✨ Al-Suhub Rest House offering breathtaking panoramic views of mountains, greenery, and waterfalls. Nestled amidst breathtaking mountains, It invites discerning travelers to a haven of tranquility. Rest on the porch, enjoying amazing mountain views, or wander the green gardens, soaking in the peaceful calm. Find your perfect escape, where breathtaking views meet ultimate peace.

Historical Village

Nestled within the mountains of Sharjah, Najd Al Maqsar Village, also known as the Historical Village Khorfakkan, transports you back in time. This charming destination offers a unique blend of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic Emirati experience. Come, join us and step into the past and discover the magic of Sharjah’s heritage gem.

Al Adwani Tower

Cowering 150m, Al Adwani offers panoramic vistas of Khorfakkan’s mountains and the Gulf of Oman. Built in the 1990s, it reflects local architecture and Khorfakkan’s progress. The reconstructed Al Adwani Tower is a 15-meter tall stone tower with a square base. Visit to tower is a popular tourist destination and is open to the public for free.  However, observation deck is AED 20 for adults and AED 10 for children. 

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